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Hot-lamination in Nairobi

Our 54 inch wide hot Seal laminator is one of the widest in the industry hence allowing us to offer high quality hot lamination services for all material sizes. Supported hot laminations sizes include: 

Architectural Drawings hot lamination

Engineering drawings hot lamination 

Survey Maps hot lamination

Blueprints hot lamination

A0 hot lamination

A1 hot lamination

A2 hot lamination

A3 and A4 hot lamination

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We Organize Our
Lamination Process

We have many years' of experience helping our customers achieve the right finish for protecting their printed project whether it is produced on offset press, high speed copier, wide format digital or laser printer.

Our 36 inch wide hot Seal laminator is one of the widest in the industry and is great for sheet and roll fed printed material.

We offer different gauges for lamination, heavy gauge (120 microns) to the lightest (35 microns) depending on your preference.

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