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Electronic Document and Record Management Solutions


SavvyCAD Solutions Ltd is an authorized reseller of Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and business process automation software for businesses. Laserfiche offers an array of products whose benefits include:

  1. ECM as a Shared Service
  2. ECM as Integrative Middleware
  3. Laserfiche Mobile
  4. Laserfiche Cloud
  5. Business Process Collaboration
  6. Capture Workflow
  7. Federated Search
  8. Transparent Records Management
  9. Deployment Flexibility
  10. Governance, Risk & Compliance

Laserfiche is a simple and powerful document management system that allows you to capture paper and electronic documents and provide for the storage, retrieval, security and archiving of these documents. An organization has complete control over what type of information is stored, how long it is kept and who can view it. Laserfiche documents (including images, text, annotations and attached electronic files) are stored in a central repository, and thereon metadata can be assigned to provide additional information about each entry and allow for dynamic searching.

Documents stored in Laserfiche can be accessed using the desktop Laserfiche Client, which is installed on individual workstations, or online through Web browser.

Document Management Process in Laserfiche begins with the conversion of paper documents and records to electronic files. Conversion eliminates many of the obstacles created by paper: labor intensive duplication of procedures, slow distribution, misplaced originals and the inconvenience of retrieving files from offsite storage.

Laserfiche Document Management system has capture and import tools, storing and archiving functionality for scanned images and electronic documents, indexing and retrieval tools for exporting documents from the system and security features such as tags all bundled into one system.

The solution enables more efficient distribution of and control over information, files and records throughout the organization. It simplifies business procedures, document routing and email notification and expedites business processes by allowing instant access to information; greater collaboration within and among departments and offices; enhanced security for files and records and the application of procedures that facilitate compliance with record keeping.

Laserfiche Document Management System makes it possible to:Manage millions of documents and retrieve the right document within seconds

  • Share documents with colleagues while protecting confidential information
  • Email files instantly
  • Access documents from whichever location one may be in
  • Back up files and records for disaster recovery


By Industry and Process


Accounting & Finance

Laserfiche allows you to go from a paper-driven accounts payable to a nearly paperless department. Documents no longer have to be printed, shuffled around and filed...they are simply uploaded to Laserfiche repository easing retrieval and preventing loss of critical documents and records.


Case Management

Laserfiche aides the digitization and automation of the approval process, thus significantly improving crisis response time, and sorting through incoming documents much faster.


Contract Management

Create and reuse standard digital contract templates to eliminate repetitive work; track responses and changes between internal and third-party stakeholders; enable multiple stakeholders to simultaneously view the most current contract versions and set up automatic reports for contract renewals or amendments.


Human Resources

Laserfiche automates the human resources processes such as employee on-boarding and the management of related employee records throughout their contract period.


Wealth Management

Laserfiche wealth management streamlines processes, including new account opening, suitability approval, and exception handling, while also simplifying audits and controlling compliance costs.



Support medical staff working on the front lines of patient care and maximize the usability of patient files; provide instant access to all the information that is not stored in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and automatically allow doctors and nurses to instantly access electronic records without disrupting patient care.


Justice Systems

Transform bulky case files into easy-to-find, always-accessible electronic documents; create a central hub for law enforcement records; securely manage arrest records, lab reports, photos, audio and video files from one system.


Banking & Lending

Streamline customer service operations while raising the bottom line and eliminating loan processing bottlenecks by capturing new client data in electronic forms, using document versioning to ensure that loan officers, branch managers and underwriters are working with the most accurate loan documents and reducing manual data entry by automatically pulling information from existing databases, records and forms.


Higher Education

Build superior support for student success through process automation and secure records management; streamline communication between administrators, students and faculty, e.g. expedite admissions decisions and centralized degree applications, course petitions and more, boost student retention through mobile student advising module and streamline financial aid disbursement for scholarships, grants and student loans.